Sustainable Vaping
Week 2023

Let’s get UK vapers recycling their devices.

16th October – 22nd October 2023

Sustainable Vaping Week 2023

Following fast on the heels of International E-Waste Day on Saturday 14th October, Sustainable Vaping Week will be a first for the industry in its drive to get more consumers recycling their devices and to get the sector to be environmentally responsible.

Starting on Monday 16th October, the campaign will mobilise the vaping industry across the UK to use their stores, online operations and media channels to educate vapers on the need to recycle and how to dispose of their vapes in a safe and sustainable way.

If you wish to participate in Sustainable Vaping Week and spread the message to consumers that vapes are there to be recycled, please download a range of assets below that can be used in-store, online and on social media channels.

The Week will also mark the launch of which will be a permanent information hub providing a range of guidance to vapers, vape manufacturers, retailers as well as the hospitality sector to ensure that the sector and vaping community do everything possible to reduce the impact of e-cigarettes on the environment.


Everything that you need to know about how and where to recycle your vape devices

vape Retailers & Manufacturers


Find out what your obligations are selling vapes on your premises and how you can make a difference through providing on-site vape recycling facilities


Access a range of resources, from what questions you should be asking to ensure that you select the ideal waste management partner, to how to ensure your business is compliant with the environmental regulations