Take action for Sustainable Vaping

Recycle-vapes.co.uk is a new information hub to equip consumers and the vaping industry with the know how to take positive action and greatly reduce the impact of vaping on the environment.


Vapes are one of the biggest success stories of the 21st century in driving down the numbers of smokers across the UK to record low levels. But this success has had unintended consequences, including an impact on the environment, largely due to the significant growth in single use vapes which have proven to be one of the most effective ways for smokers to start their quit journeys.

Whilst disposable vapes are on the whole highly recyclable, users do not know this and they’re also not recycling them due to their lack of knowledge of how and where to dispose of such devices in an environmentally considerate way.

At the same time the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), the largest trade body representing the independent vaping sector, acknowledges that the industry has much more to do to reduce its carbon footprint – from ensuring it is fully compliant with all the regulations to innovating new products that increase their recyclability performance.

Recycle-vapes.co.uk has been created by the UKVIA to equip consumers, vape manufacturers and any business selling vapes online and offline with the know how to take action and greatly reduce the impact of vaping on the environment.

Vape Recycling Facilities in the UK: Investment by Local Authorities

A new investigation, led by the UK Vaping Industry Association, has revealed a staggering lack of investment in collection points for expired vapes across the UK, just a few weeks after the government announced a ban on disposable vapes which was motivated in part by environmental concerns.

As part of the research – which looked at investment in vape recycling facilities and services by local authorities, as well as efforts to educate end users about the correct disposal of their used devices – the UKVIA issued Freedom of Information Requests to 10 major provincial city and 10 central London councils.